Wine Review- Top 5 Wine Producing Country in the World


Humans have been drinking wine for over 6,000 years, and its popularity has grown. More countries are producing wine in the twenty-first century than ever, thanks to agro-technology and the rise of global commerce.  

Wine production around the world is a story that dates back millennia, but did you know that in modern times, only four countries produce more than half of the world’s wine? While Italy, France, Spain, and the United States are the world leaders in wine production, new and unexpected countries emerge as leaders in wine production and quality. 

Let’s take a tour of four of them and high roller online casinos usa;


Armenia is not well known as a wine country, which is absurd given that it is the birthplace of wine production. The Areni Cave, which dates back approximately 6,100 years, is the oldest winery ever discovered.

The cave is in the Vayots Dzor wine region, where you can sample Armenian Areni wines. This local variety has been produced using the same grapes and techniques for centuries, so you’ll be drinking a glass of history. Why mess with something that is already perfect?


Surprisingly, most people do not consider Switzerland to be a wine-producing country. After all, it shares borders (and thus climate) with France and Italy. 

Switzerland has many wine regions, but the most well-known is Lavaux. The vineyards of the canton are almost unfathomably beautiful, with hilly rows contrasting with cold, blue lakes and tall mountains. This beauty and the vineyard’s nearly 900-year history have earned the Lavaux vineyard’s UNESCO World Heritage Site status.

The Republic of South Africa

We’re guessing you didn’t know. During the Dutch East India Company, the first bottle of wine was produced in Cape Town in 1659 by its founder, Jan van Riebeeck. Since then, South African wine production has centred on Cape Town, one of the country’s capital cities which has hosted top australian casinos online gamers.

South Africa’s Mediterranean-style climate is ideal for growing wine grapes. South African wines mix Old World and New World due to its location and multicultural population. South Africa is also well-known for its signature red varietal, Pinotage. Pinotage is a hybrid of Pinot Noir and Cinsaut.


The Greeks have been drinking wine since antiquity and were responsible for spreading it throughout most of Europe. That’s right; the ancient Greeks are responsible for enjoying wine in France, Spain, Italy, and the rest of the world. Dionysus, the god of wine and winemaking, was even worshipped.

Greece is now largely overshadowed by other wine-producing countries, but it still produces the beverage on its mainland and many of its numerous islands. Santorini is a popular wine region because its volcanic soil gives it a distinct flavour. It doesn’t hurt to sip wine while admiring the island’s famous white and blue towns.

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