Shopping Strategies For Full Figured Petite Women


It’s difficult enough nowadays to buy fashionable trendy clothing when you’re plus size, what about whenever your within the group of full figured petite? This describes women who are 5′ 3″ or below but nonetheless put on a minimum of a size 14/16.

Usually what’s going to easily fit in the waist is to lengthy or the other way around and shopping within the children’s section isn’t something which is definitely an option. Frustrating journeys towards the store occur with regards to fashion combined with fact there are couple of full figured stores as well as less that carry full figured petite styles. Exactly what do you need to do when looking for full figured petite sizes? There’s a couple of options that are offered for you and typically they’re not going to hurt your wallet.

Alterations – I list this primary because a long time ago you could not get into any mall and buy something which did not need to be altered. Some stores still offer free alterations with purchase. Otherwise then there are many seamtresses to help you out. If this isn’t inside your budget then understanding how to sew on your own is an alternative choice. Men have been receiving there clothes altered for years and years there’s nothing that states women can’t perform the same.

Age appropriate clothes – If you’re inside your thirties then dressing such as the teenagers isn’t something which for you to do particularly if you operate in a workplace setting. Make certain that you simply always buy clothing that’s suitable for how old you are. Today that does not mean you need to be frumpy using the vast choice of clothes open to full figured women.

Bulk shopping – It’s difficult enough to locate petite clothesin larger sizes out of the box then when you discover things inside your size that suit within the waist and inseam buy several item. Make the most of any sales which are online to be able to obtain the greatest value for your money.

Be Adventurous – Simply because you want pastels does not imply that your whole wardrobe should consist from it. Combine the solids and prints inside your wardrobe to demonstrate your sides curves along with other good points.

High Heel Shoes – High heeled footwear are the friend. Will complete a dress-up costume however they can provide you with an additional inch or more or five for individuals which are nervous about there height. Note: Typically for the larger lady I do not recommend putting on a heel greater than 2 ” tall but it’s really as much as your own personal tastes.

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