Internet Advertising Effectiveness – Increasing Profits


When it comes down to it, I like the internet. I should, I’ve met almost all of my dates there. Except for Farrah Kritzak, but that was 5th grade and she was long gone by 6th. The point is that there are of course things that I find frustrating and at times, simply do not agree with online. Incidentally, the things that I don’t agree with are probably much different than the things my mom’s pastor doesn’t agree with. Maybe.

Connection interruptions are irritating and bugs and viruses can be really troubling. But, I really have problems with some of the advertising. For me they’re simple annoyances. My concern however comes from hearing stories about people that have lost big sums of money due to scams and advertising deceit. Bothersome to me, the loss of money intended to pay for medication for some senior citizen.

My personal nature though is one where I like to toss around blanket accusations and guilty verdicts. Perhaps this is misguided. The internet clearly provides countless benefits to an unfathomable number of people. The availability and dissemination of information is something that we simply could not give reasonable measurement to. Along with the importance of getting information available to people is their ability to access it. This has been done with relatively little cost to many people.

The fact is that advertising is one reason why internet access is offered at such a low cost. So, as opposed to cursing all internet advertising, perhaps the better approach would be to cull out those which are harmful and problematic.

The great thing about the internet and internet advertising is the ability to track its origination point and all other aspects of its usage. So, with the systems that have been created to measure and consider internet advertising effectiveness we should be giving equal importance to eliminating the problematic advertising distributors. This will create a better environment for internet users, which in turn benefits the legitimate advertisers.

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